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Can Am Maverick (Tan)

Experience the thrill of off-road exploration with a Can-Am Maverick rental! This powerful 4-seater conquers challenging paths, opens up hidden landscapes, and provides endless fun for you and your friends. Conquer Central Utah's wilderness - book your Maverick today!

Can Am Maverick (Tan)

Rental Details

  • 200 HP (11.6 hp / 100lbs)

  • 850w magneto

  • Quarter-doors

  • 30 in. tires on 14 in. cast-aluminum wheels

  • Exclusive Smart-Lok™ technology. 4WD TRAIL

  • High torque Dynamic Power Steering (DPSTM)

  • 20 in. of suspension travel

  • 4.5 in. digital display with keypad

  • Cargo space for cooler

  • Helmets available (must be worn)

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